Resources: Become a Partner

Become a Kuueza host in your country

Becoming a Kuueza host is tailor made to help individuals earn extra income by helping businesses in rural communities gain exposure and sell their products online. Kuueza hosts are responsible for registering their business and commission is earned once the business sells on Kuueza. For more information, please fill the form on this link to become a host in your country.
Kuueza curently has offices in Philadelphia (USA), Douala (Cameroon), Abidjan (Ivory Coast) and Accra (Ghana). Contact us to learn how to earn extra income and gain global visibility with Kuueza as a manufacturer or a sole distributor.

Become a logistics partner in your country

We are glad to have you as our logistics partner. Kuueza offers endless opportunities both for corporate logistics and individuals into delivery or express logistics handling. To partner with us please fill the form below to sign up