Merchant Experience

Why choose KUUEZA?

  • KUUEZA is experienced, skilled and well connected to the AFRICAN markets.
  • KUUEZA offers an excellent MOBILE APP: to buyers/ sellers to do business without a computer.
  • KUUEZA is a one stop shop for suppliers/vendors /sellers to find buyers in Africa.
  • KUUEZA one stop shop for global buyers /vendors/importers to find suppliers in Africa.
  • KUUEZA connects DRECTLY both buyers and sellers.
  • KUUEZA vets sellers so buyers are guaranteed delivery of goods and quality.
  • KUUEZA guarantees sellers payment if they use our portal to transact business.
  • KUUEZA will settle disputes between buyer and seller amicably with minimum loss to both.
  • KUUEZA offers pre-shipment of goods as an option and at extra cost if required.
  • KUUEZA if required offers to source suppliers, follow-up with supplier after order placement, updating buyer on daily production, carry out pre-shipment inspection and delivery up to the port. (This is optional and at additional cost)

Merchants Experience

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