Kuueza WeXchange Shipping FAQs

All merchants who are subscribed to Kuueza’s WeXchange can ship agreed quantities oftheir produce on the Consolidated Shipment

First, they must be products approved by Customs Division of your country of residence, see export restrictions Merchants subscribed to Kuueza’s Consolidated Shipment shall ship only product(s) registered with Kuueza as per initial agreement. Additional products maybe admitted only after a prior notice has been served to Kuueza, inspected and approved by Kuueza officials. For food items, they must be FDA Certified and must have a shelf life of not less than one (2) year.

It is the responsibility of merchants to properly package their products very well and securely. Kuueza has a standard box for packaging products. The size is 430x290x290mm. It could be obtained from the Ghana office upon confirmation of availability. Special arrangement could be made for large-sized products.

You can take it to Kuueza ‘s warehouse in Accra. The address will be communicated. Alternatively, you can do self shipment from your country of residence to Kuueza’s warehouse in the US of which the address will be communicated

Kuueza pays for shipping and suggests merchants give reasonable prices for their products. Merchants who wish to maintain their price upon advice to review must be prepared to manage their own shipment

For consolidated shipment, confirmation of orders from the US and Canada determines how often Kuueza requests for merchants to ship.

Yes. Every month, or when the product is sold out at the shelves. But this must proceed after after approval is obtained from Kuueza’s Sales and Operations Officials.

Merchants determine their own prices. However, store owners have a say in the price agreement as they are the buyers of the products. Merchants must understand that Kuueza neither buys nor sells their product, Kuueza only gives merchants access to the US and Canadian markets.

Payment of monthly subscription fees will guarantee consistent supply of your products to the US and Canadian market. Also, you will receive monthly sales report of how the products are doing.

You can sign out by giving a formal notification in writing to Kuueza via wechange@kuueza.com and/or info@kuueza.com. IF you desire to quit and have products that have already been shipped, you will be required to pay for shipment fee of those products back to you within a specified period.
Failure to do so will lead to discarding of the said products.